Azfar Ahsan is a Change Activist, and a thought Leader

  • Azfar is Founder of CORPORATE PAKISTAN GROUP – CPG. CPG is a vibrant group of 256 individuals serving in different leadership and corporate capacity
  • He is also the Founder and CEO of Nutshell Forum, an international conference management and training resource organization. Through this platform Azfar has he has organized more than 400 National and International conferences, seminars, training workshops and international, conferences, seminars, training workshops and group discussions in Pakistan; Singapore; Malaysia; Sri Lanka; Dubai and Bahrain.
  • Azfar leads the Leaders Summit In Isl every year, with several global leaders in attendance
  • He also initiated the book project called “PAKISTAN: Charting Its Untapped Potential” set to be published in 2020. The book will shed light on the untapped potential of Pakistan, its ample resources to give impetus to a fast evolving scenario especially in the south and central Asian region


In 2008 US State Department invited him as ‘State Guest’ under the auspices of International Visitor Leadership Programme.