The Canada Pakistan Business Council’s 36th Anniversary Gala and Awards  Night 2019 was well attended by leading Pakistan Canada business community as well as the dignitaries who endorsed CPBC’s forum being led by Samir Dossal as the most professional and credible platform; a testament to the fact that the Honorable Minister Maryam Monsef, Minister of International Development, and Minister for Women and Gender Equality, the  Government of Canada chose CPBC Platform at their Gala  to announce five new projects to advance the political participation of women in Pakistan at the event as well as on twitter. She added that through these initiatives, totaling $21 million over four years, Canada will build on its legacy in women’s empowerment programming in Pakistan and seek to combat social and structural barriers to democratic participation for women.

See Official announcement:

Canada Pakistan Business Council (CPBC) has grown to become one of the most credible platforms for promoting trade and bilateral relations between Canada and Pakistan. CPBC Gala celebrates the success of the community and recognizes distinguished individuals who are not only contributing to the bilateral trade between Canada and Pakistan but also working actively within the community for their advancement. The participants of the Gala also recognized this event as a gathering of the most influential individuals and organizations highly relevant to building long term trade relationship between the two countries.

Moreover, Honorable Minister Monsef, MP Rob Oliphant Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign, MP Salma Zahid, MP Iqra Khalid, Senator Salma Ataullahjan and many attendees took to twitter to endorse CPBC’s bilateral trade achievements and mentioned CPBC as an organization that connects both countries Pakistan and Canada to increase prosperity and Innovation.

Presenting the first Copy of the MARKET DIVERSIFICATION PLAN

On this occasion, CPBC President, Mr. Samir Dossal, said “it was indeed an honor for all of us that the Canadian Government chose CPBC as their venue to announce a US$21 million grant towards women empowerment in Pakistan.” He further said, “with such a significant announcement from the government of Canada, the event has become the best ever in the history of the CPBC.”

Senator Salma Ataullah highlighted and recognized the hard work exceptional role by CPBC & Samir Dossal in Canada Pakistan relations. MPP Stephen Crawford reiterated the message from Premier Doug Ford that Ontario is open for business to the world, and open for jobs.





2019 Annual Gala was a well-supported event by its main Corporate Sponsor RBC and Community Partner Flato Developments Inc. whereas others Gold & Silver sponsor also made it a success.

Greetings from Premier Doug Ford presented by MPP Michael Parsa & Stephen Crawford

The theme for this year’s Gala was information technology, CPBC is of view that ICT is transforming the world with rapid pace. AI and robotics are leading the world into the next industrial revolution, which also imply that we are looking at one of the most unique opportunity to excel and grow. CPBC aims to accelerate the process of trade and transfer of technology between Canadian and Pakistani companies so that both countries stand to benefit from an opportunity of decades

Annual CPBC Awards are highlights of the event recognizing the individuals in different categories who make a contribution to make a difference in the community at large.



DR. EJAZ AHMED CPBC PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2019- (MALE) – Professor of Statistics and Dean Brock University

Presented by Shakir Rehmatullah, CPBC Community Partner, Jayne Pilot, VP, CPBC & Samir Dossal President CPBC

ARIFA MUZAFFAR – CPBC PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2019-  (FEMALE) – CEO Saaz O AwazPresented by MP Salma Zahid, MP Iqra Khalid, MP Yasmine Ratansi, MP Rob Oliphant, Senator Salma Attaullahjan, Alam Khwaja, CPBC Director & Treasurer


Presented by Hon. Bryon Wilfert, Chairman CPBC, MPP Stephen Crawford & CPBC Board Members & Advisors


Dr. REZA MORIDI – CPBC SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD – Scientist, Academic, Former Minister Research, Innovation & Science

Presented by Chief Eric Jolliffe, Dr. Wendy Cukier, Imtiaz Seyid, RBC, Naveed Hyder Director CPBC & Samir Dossal


MUHAMMAD AZFAR AHSAN – CPBC GLOBAL OUTREACH AWARD – Founder Corporate Pakistan Group–CPG Founder & CEO Nutshell Forum

Presented by Mayor Dave Barrow, Director Nilufer Mama, Syed Shah, SASCO, Gold Sponsor & President Dossal


Presented by Minister Maryam Monsef, Chairman Bryon Wilfert, RI President Wilf Wilkinson, MP’s Rob Oliphant, Iqra Khalid, Salma Zahid, Bob Bratina, Yasmine Ratansi,& Omar Alghabra


Keeping up with the tradition to bring new talent from Pakistan into the spotlight, this year’s event entailed a presentation by Anis Sheikh and Khurram Schehzad of BaseH technologies. BaseH has made an AI-powered news and content writing software and gaining world over recognition in a short span of time.