CPBC partners with DAWN/HERALD Publications to support the DAWN Education Expo.

Canada Pakistan Business Council is a not for profit, non-political Canadian organization, registered in Canada. The role of the Business Council is to promote bilateral trade between Canada and Pakistan, for the mutual benefit of both countries.  The bilateral trade is built on fostered relationships with the governments and various high-level organizations in both countries.

CPBC is pleased to partner with a reputable organization, DAWN/Herald Education Expo, another avenue to enhance bilateral relations leading to trade in the education sector.

Education is one of the priority sectors in Pakistan and Canada offers top class education in their institutions throughout Canada.

Pakistani students now more than ever have the opportunity to study in the best educational institutions in the world, whereas Canada has access to recruiting the best of the best for Pakistan. Canada provides a great multicultural environment for student going to Canada. Canadians honour their incoming students and immigrants by supporting them to integrate in the Canadian fabric and provides the opportunity and freedom to celebrate their culture and diversity

We are pleased that the DAWN Media Group is holding another successful annual exhibition, the 16th DAWN Education Expo in February 2019 which will be held in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad.

For the last fifteen years the Expo has served as a unique platform to link prestigious local and foreign higher education institutes with the best of Pakistan’s university and college going students. Figures show that from Pakistan approximately 25,000 students go abroad for their higher education.

Along with the Education Expo, DAWN is arranging school and universities trips for admissions team of the participating international universities which will give the universities a chance to interact with students, their parents and school counsellors.

The Canadian Education Pavilion at the DAWN Education Expo is setting a trend amongst the highly potential group of Pakistani students who have the qualifications and the means to contemplate further education in Canada.

As per our strategic partnership and MOU with the DAWN/Herald Publications (PVT) Ltd., CPBC is pleased to extends its full support to the DAWN Education Expo and would highly encourage participation from Canadian Universities.

Canada-Pakistan Business Council was registered in Montreal in 1983, by several local businesses of Canadian and Pakistani origin, to promote trade between Canada and Pakistan. CPBC is a well-recognized as the “Go To” organization by both the Governments of Canada and Pakistan.

We wish the DAWN every success for their Education Expo 2019.

For more info on Dawn Expo click the link – Dawn suplement EDUCATION 2019