19250853_1528104377239807_8395109911485830158_oIn an auspicious event on June 14th, 2017 held at the University of Toronto’s Erindale Campus’ Innovation Centre, a memorandum was signed between the Canada-Pakistan Business Council (CPBC) and the Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT). After registration, breakfast and welcoming remarks the event provided an opportunity for the guests to network – sharing ideas and establishing connections to accomplish results. David Wojcik MBOT’s CEO spoke a few words before the signing of the MOU. All guests cherished the moment with the impressive speech given by CPBC president Samir Dossal who acknowledged the huge efforts made by the MBOT and its Government Relations Director Brad Butt; prizes were presented to people throughout the event by means of a lucky draw.

MBOT Samir&David

MBOT Brad&SamirApart from the CPBC president Samir Dossal, other members of the board included:


– Alam Khawaja, CPBC Director

– Naveed Hyder, CPBC Director

– Dr. Erum Siddiqui, Education Committee

– Aamer Khanzada, Pegasus CEO (ICT)

– Nadeem Chaudhary, Outreach Committee;

– Imran Gondal, Education Committee


MBOT proactively serves the interests of the business community in the City of Mississauga through methods such as advocacy and business development. MBOT is a progressive organization that is the “voice of business” in local and international markets for Mississauga.

Mississauga Board of Trade

MBOT Samir&David at podium


CPBC is the leading private sector organization that aims to develop international business between Canadian and Pakistani companies. CPBC promotes commercial linkages between Canada and Pakistan and is an advocate for the various industries’ needs to the government. Canadian and especially Mississauga-based companies need reliable, accurate and timely information when it comes to potential business opportunities arising in Pakistan. Likewise, Pakistani businesses which desire to expand into the Canadian markets seek to find opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area – especially Mississauga.


There is a general lack of awareness among many Canadian companies on the potential of the business that is present in Pakistan and the capacity which Pakistan can deliver at when it comes to technology, products, and services. A strong Canada-Pakistan trade relation inherently requires the development of direct private sector linkages, business development and then deepening of investment relations between the businesses two countries. The opportunity is perfect as Pakistani companies are seeking to globalize their efforts and find partnerships in countries such as Canada.


The parties agreed to:

  1. Work cooperatively to identify and explore business opportunities between Pakistan and the Mississauga business community and beyond; including joint ventures, strategic alliances, and technology transfers.


  1. Promote direct company to company linkages between MBOT and CPBC business members.


  1. Develop ways that companies can reduce the risk of entering bilateral business relationships between Pakistan and Mississauga/Canadian markets.


  1. Advocate for policies to the Canadian government that lessen hindrance in the development of business linkages between Pakistan and Canadian companies.


  1. Be a forum for networking, exchanging ideas and information and advancing the interests of the MBOT and CPBC.


  1. Provide a business match-making service identifying opportunities between Mississauga and surrounding business areas and Pakistan to the banner of respective MBOT and C-PBC members and qualify potential collaborators.


  1. Access and offer market intelligence on business sectors, industries and companies to MBOT and CPBC members.


  1. Provide information on Canadian and Pakistan trade fairs, missions, seminars and other business related events to MBOT and CPBC members.


  1. Work collaboratively with Government to address members’ needs and the trade-related barriers they encounter.


There are a lot of aspects that will need to be addressed and so it is understood that all parties involved will take positive initiatives to carry on this partnership and jointly avail opportunities and funds. We look forward to signing and strengthening ties between MBOT and CPBC.

The event created many opportunities of networking and opened further opportunities in promoting education and educational institution which can mutually benefit countries like Pakistan.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Pakistan, CPBC is reaching out in preparing a working paper related to skills and vocational training