CPBC launched NexGen in 2016 to promote entrepreneurship and leadership development in young professionals. With the success that CPBC has enjoyed in promoting a bilateral trade relationship between Canada and Pakistan, the inspiration for NexGen was to ensure that the knowledge and mandate of CPBC gets passed on to the next generation, equipping them to carry the mission forward.

Our Mission

To harness the strength of CPBC’s accomplishments and leadership to foster the future by offering a professional forum and championing opportunities for learning and networking for aspiring young professionals and budding entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

CPBC NexGen aims to create a strong community of civically and socially engaged leaders and entrepreneurs. Inspired by the success and accomplishments of Canada-Pakistan Business Council, CPBC NexGen will encourage, empower and connect the next generation of aspiring leaders in business and community.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to provide a forum to promote entrepreneurship and leadership development of young professionals in Canada under the platform of CPBC.  NexGen strives to meet its mission as follows:

  • Subscribe to the CPBC mandate unified through steadfast mission, vision and values, and strive to pass CPBC’s wealth of knowledge and connections to the next generation
  • Host quarterly events promoting leadership, entrepreneurship, and knowledge exchange, as well as forums to showcase international organizations
  • Provide opportunities for networking and facilitate connections and collaboration between our membership and established businesses and community leaders
  • Collaborate with community groups, organizations and educational institutions to promote our mission
  • Focus on people in the workforce who are looking for mentors, leaders and people who have networking skills and networks they can tap.

Our Values

CPBC NexGen is committed to diversity and inclusion and welcomes all Canadians to participate in forwarding its mission. We are dedicated to a culture of innovation, professionalism, forward thinking, and collaboration. We believe in the power of community to help people achieve their best potential and collectively make a positive impact.

Our Team

CPBC NexGen is led by  Zain Dossal, Wania Suleman, and Irfan Siddiqui, under the mentorship of CPBC President Samir Dossal and CPBC Director Farah Shams.

CPBC NexGen is grateful for the support of corporate sponsor RBC in making this exciting new venture possible. CPBC NexGen is not a charitable organization and is not affiliated with any political party. NexGen is also not a job seekers’ forum, nor is it ideal for university students or new graduates.