Member of National Assembly and Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Andleeb Abbas hosted CPBC ICT Delegation to Pakistan. CPBC President, Mr. Samir Dossal and Dr. Reza Moridi, former minister for Research, Science and Innovation spoke about strengthening connections between Canada and Pakistan

Ms. Abbas, also the Chair of the Pakistan Canada Parliamentary Friendship Group in the Parliament in Islamabad, welcomed the delegation in the presence of 25 Parliamentarians representing all political parties. The dynamic Ms. Abbas is not only working tirelessly to fulfil her mandate but also to help strengthen the relations between the two countries.

She was also one of the panelists at the Leaders in Islamabad Conference Business Summit on the topic of “The Future of Diversity & Inclusion”.

Andleeb Abbas – #LeadersInISB 2019

Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs, MNA Andleeb Abbas, expands upon the reasons the Leaders in Islamabad – Business Summit 2019 was highly important for Pakistan.#LeadersInISB #MartinDow #Islamabad #Pakistan Muhammad Azfar Ahsan

Posted by Nutshell Conferences on Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Parliamentarians and the CPBC ICT Delegates introduced themselves. CPBC agreed to support and facilitate connecting them to their counterparts in Toronto to explore business opportunities. Earlier, the President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, and subsequently Governor Punjab, Chaudhry Sarwar endorsed and supported the bilateral meetings on an ongoing basis.

These meetings, upon mutual discussions would establish and identify sectors of mutual interests which become the basis of focussing energy and resources in those sectors.