Canada Pakistan Business Council jointly leads a Delegation to Punjab.  Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab hosts dinner in Honour of Mr. Patrick Brown, leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, welcomes delegation from Canada.


During the visit the delegation was invited by Punjab Board of Investment & Trade (PBIT) pbit logofor a presentation on opportunities available in Punjab in various opportunities available.

The meeting began with exchange of pleasantries between both groups,   followed by introductory remarks by the PBIT CEO Ms.Amena Chema, highlighting Punjab’s potential as a dream destination for foreign investment. Further, she stressed the need to explore opportunities for investment in various sectors of Punjab.


Ms. Amena Cheema, CEO PBIT highlighting opportunities that Punjab has to offer.

A presentation on business opportunities was showed to the delegation, it set out key sectors such as livestock, dairy, energy, mines and minerals, transport, housing, industrial estates, parks, healthcare and education.

Mr. Patrick Brown and other members of his delegation expressed their keen interest in expanding cordial relations at with Pakistan at levels, in general and specifically with Punjab as it is the country’s most populous and developed province.


The delegation voiced interest in collaborating with Punjab Board of Investment & Trade to help bring improvements in dairy, poultry and meat processing technologies. In doing so, it will enable Punjab to realize its tremendous potential in dairy products and meat production which will help to enhance its presence in the rapidly growing global halal meat market.

Mr. Patrick Brown also regarded Ontario and Punjab as sister provinces that can sync with each other, he stressed that the synergies identified in the presentation must be exploited to the fullest. Also, the delegation expressed an interest in offering Canada’s expertise as one of the world’s leading nations in the field of green and renewable energy.


Mr. Brown also mentioned his interest in increasing the presence of Ontario’s colleges and universities in Pakistan as it will help Pakistani students towards the benefits of Canadian higher education. Upon which, The CEO PBIT provided the details regarding Knowledge City Project to which the delegation showed keen interest.

CEO PBIT highlighted that expanding links through increased tourism, trade visits and cultural exchanges is very important. But, it is being obstructed by the current Canadian visa regime which is cumbersome and subject to long delays. Upon which, the Canadian Deputy High Commissioner admitted that the visa regime needed to be streamlined and affirmed that the High Commission was working hard to make the visa process swift and easy.


The CEO also highlighted the need for identifying Canadian companies already working in South Asia, Central Asia and the Gulf region as it would be easier for them to invest in potential business opportunities in Punjab.

Further, Ms. Salma Ataullahjan, the first female Canadian Senator of Pakistani origin, stressed the need for regular visits of Canadian policymakers to Pakistan.In this way, it will provide a first-hand view of the country’s potential and help to counteract the negative portrayal of Pakistan in the international media.IMGP9290

Mr. Samir Dossal, President of Canada Pakistan Business Council emphasized the need for strengthening Trade ties and bilateral relations between Punjab and Ontario and subsequently Pakistan and Canada as several untapped opportunities exists between the two jurisdictions which will be mutually beneficial to all concerned. Mr. Dossal co-led the Canadian Delegation along with Hon. Patrick Brown.




On this occasion, a MoU was also signed between Punjab Board of Investment & Trade (PBIT) and Pakistan Canada Business Council (CPBC) to promote trade and investments between the two countries and enhance cooperation pertaining to the investment projects in Punjab in various sectors including Agriculture, Energy, Renewable & Alternate Energy, Mining, Information Technology, Textile, Health and Education.


In view of this, both parties ended the meeting with a vote of thanks and will continue to share sectorial opportunities with each other.


Mr. Abdul Basit, Chairman PBIT presenting souvenir to Hon. Patrick Brown, MPP