As we return from our super successful CPBC ICT Delegation we’re all buzzing with the information, connections and business leads. The delegation was meticulously planned to provide the delegates exposure to the ICT industry, give them an overall view of the economic growth for them to make informed decisions on their own business growth in their specific fields.

(Click the booklet image to view the CPBC ICT Delegation Booklet)

The Canadian ICT Delegation was led by President of CPBC, Mr. Samir Dossal and Dr. Reza Moridi, former Minister of Ontario for Research, Science & Innovation. Pakistan Software Houses Assosciation, P@sha partnered with CPBC to provide the delegates with relevant ICT information and market overview. We are very grateful to TCS our local Partners and Secretariat, for their on ground facilitation of the delegation in both, Karachi and Islamabad. A big thank you to Mr. Khalid Awan for untiring support, as always.

The delegates comprised of seasoned Canadian ICT companies specializing in various technologies,  one of them being the largest software company in Canada, Constellation Inc. Dexter Salna, President Perseus Operating Group of Constellation Software Inc. planned to be part of the delegation to initiate the expansion of their business to 1000 employees throughout Pakistan. Click to check out the details of Constellation Inc.

In addition to the above tangible results, the delegates got a crash course about the business scene in Pakistan. The insightful meeting at the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) and the data-laden presentation gave an overall view of the demographics, the economic growth and the future industries of Pakistan. It highlighted ICT as one of the fastest growing industries in Pakistan, an initiative of the current government.












The delegates were hosted by TPL Properties and TRG for a luncheon and a presentation on the impact of ICT on various businesses in Pakistan. They also showcased a few start-ups working with them, their office is housed in a state of the art building in Karachi. Thanks to Samir Ali, Ali Jameel, Jameel Yousuf and Mahboob Elahi and all who made this happen.

The delegates visited the National Incubation Centre at the NED campus and witnessed firsthand the talent and of the young and budding ICT professionals who had created highly impressive apps and solutions for businesses. CPBC and its three strategic partners signed an MOU at the NIC.



Canada Pakistan Business Council ICT Delegation visited the Pakistan Stock Exchange, Dr. Reza Moridi accompanied by the delegates, performed the gong ceremony. Mr. Richard Morin, Managing Director PSX said in his address that Pakistan is an untapped market in terms of resources such as gold, copper, and nickel. Furthermore, there were opportunities for more oil & gas exploration in the country. The delegates and the PSX team opined that it would be very productive if Pakistani & Canadian Governments and private sectors discussed further possibilities of joint ventures in mining and exploration of natural resources. Mr. Dossal said that the appointment of Ms. Margaux McDonald as Senior Trade Commissioner of Canada in Pakistan was an indication of how serious Canada is in increasing trade relations with Pakistan.

Mr. Richard Morin explained and identified options for Canadian investment advisors who want to offer Pakistan listed equities to their clients. He also highlighted that there is a US-listed Pakistan ETF.

Mr. Byram Avari, Honorary Consul for Canada, and a seasoned businessman hosted a dinner for the delegation. Also present was the Canadian High Commissioner, Ms. Wendy Gilmour and Trade commissioner Margaux McDonald. CPBC acknowledge the support extended in Karachi.











Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES (P@SHA) hosted the CPBC ICT Delegation and provided an opportunity to its members and startups supported thei their NUST i/o initiatives.


Ribbon cutting ceremony at Arisoft Global by Dr. Reza Moridi for their office in Karachi, the first in Pakistan.




In Islamabad the delegation participated in the Leaders in Islamabad, Business Summit a high profile event attended by a 1000 plus attendees and delegates from 60 countries. The event was action packed and a great networking opportunity for all participants. The delegation got an opportunity to be hosted by Prime Minister Imran Khan.


The panelists and discussions covered the business strategies of tomorrow and how ICT would shape the business world. The candid conversations were meaningful and relatable for all participants as it covered topics like diversity, inclusion, and opportunities. (check out the short video)






Click for TV Interview with one of our delegates, Zeeshan Ali

As a result of this high energy delegation, the delegates signed 3 MOUs with businesses, 1 NDA with their counterparts, each participating business got 3-5 leads to grow their business which has contributed to the overall success of the delegation. Also resulting from this delegation is ongoing due diligence for acquisitions or expansions, stay tuned for more exciting and positive news in the near future.








Canadian High Commission hosted a working lunch to exchange views and share the success of the ICT Delegation and how best to leverage the visit in the future. CPBC thanked High Commissioner Wendy Gilmour and Sr. Trade Commissioner and Team for their support.














CPBC ICT Delegation visited the National Incubation Center in Islamabad and discussed avenues of cooperation NIC showcased some excellent startup and partners.









Special thanks to Amer Khanzada of Pegasus for hosting and providing the delegates the opportunity to meet Hon. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Minister of IT.









CPBC is currently compiling a Market Diversification Plan in collaboration with M&R Consulting, which will be released on formal approval, this will also cover the full report of the delegation details.