Reported by Haider Mehdi and Samir Dossal

Photo credits Ayesha Hasan

On Sunday July 5 July, 2015, the Pan Am games flame, artistically sheltered in a Lantern, arrived at the beautiful Aga Khan Museum and Park, carried by a beaming and proud Leila Keshvajee, a tour guide at the Park.flame turk

Located at 77 Wynford park and spread over a seven-hectare site near the Don Valley Parkway, this $300-million complex comprises a huge 10000 square meter museum, elegant gardens, five reflecting pools, a Community Center and a Mosque.crowd

The welcoming of Pan Am Flame was the first major public event at this beautiful complex, which has impressive plans to make this a major destination and hub for art, leisure, educational activities, films and cultural activities.

The Canada Pakistan Business Council, the leading “go to” organization, in promoting Trade and business ties between, Ontario and Canada to the rest of the world, partnered with the Aga Khan Museum to welcome the Flame and honour this great and memorable day and event in Canada.

CPBC under the leadership of its President Samir Dossal, put up a distinct display of paintings and sculptures from Canadian artists of South Asian origin. The art exhibit of modern and traditional formats, attracted enormous interest from the guests, totally in line with the Museums vision to showcase the artistic, intellectual and scientific contributions of Muslim civilizations.

CPBC President Samir Dossal, commenting on the occasion was very effusive in his praise for The Aga Khan Museum for putting up such a brilliant event.


He complimented Jamica Andani, the organizer and her team of highly motivated troop of volunteers, the gracious hostess, Kulsum Ladhani, for her leadership and support in making this partnership and event such a great success.

He said, “we keenly look forward to the pleasure of partnering in many more such events in the future. The Aga Khan Museum is an iconic landmark in showcasing all aspects of Islamic Culture and Art. We are very proud to be their partners in furthering this great mission”

Group Ali Riza 1

Sajjad and Gogi 1ali guney with nadaa

President CPBC Samir Dossal along with his team comprising Sajjad and Naveed Hyder, Ismet Dossal, Nadaa Hyder, Ayesha Hasan, Haider and Sheena Mehdi, were at hand to witness the ceremony and welcome dignitaries and guest who flocked to see the vibrant art exhibit, tastefully showcased at the CPBC booth.

IMG_9187mishra_reeti_ismet & samir

Prominent dignitaries who visited the stall and the CPBC art exhibition were.

  • Mr. Moez Rajwani of The Ismaili Council of Canada
  • Ms. Shehrazade Hirji, President of the Ismaili Council of Ontario
  • Mr. Ali Riza Guney, the Turkish Consul General and his delegation.
  • Ms. Khadija Hayat, the Pakistani Vice Consul from the Consulate General of Pakistan.
  • Mr. Akhilesh Mishra, the Indian Consul General and Mrs. Reeti Mishra.
  • Ms. Nazifa Langaryan, the Afghan Consul General.
  • Mr. Feroze Jessani, a leading Ismaili community leader.sheherazade group group 3

on stage

Artists whose work was showcased were:

Senator Salma Ataullahjan.

Senator Salma is an accomplished artist and her medium of choice is water colour. She has painted a wide range of subjects from flowers and landscapes to portraits and animals. Her play with colours makes her work unique and reflects her heritage. Her paintings have been displayed at various venues in Canada and being displayed in the Senate Chambers in Ottawa.

SA 2 SA 1

Moeen Faruqi

Moeen is an artist and writer living in Karachi. His paintings have been exhibited widely within Pakistan and internationally in Canada, Italy, Singapore, Bangladesh, UK and India. Through faces and figures his paintings create a dialogue with the viewer about contradictions and alienation in contemporary life. His upcoming show is at Canvas Gallery in Karachi. His poems have been published in various literary journals in Pakistan and abroad

MF 2

Fahim Hamid Ali

Fahim’s passions are Islamic calligraphy, Egyptian and Hindu mythology. This diversity has enabled him to carve a niche for himself in the art world as a versatile artist who is at home with various subjects and mediums.. Fahim’s work has been exhibited all over the world and he was part of the Aga Khan Museum’s inaugural exhibition.

“My Art is representational by choice. If the art of painting is to survive, it must describe and express people and nature. It must communicate.”

FH 1 FH 2

Nadaa Hyder

Nadaa is a Kuwaiti born sculptor based in Toronto, she is a graduate of OCAD University’s Sculpture/Installation program. Nadaa was selected for the OCAD Florence program in Italy which deeply influenced her artwork, and encouraged her passion for varied techniques in figurative sculptures.

This is evidenced by her use of diverse materials including bronze, wood, fibre, and assorted air-drying clays.

Nadaa experimental, intuitive process defines the sculpture as it is being made, this allows for a weathered look often alluding to archaeological finds. The unrefined distressed nature of the figures builds characters out of simple materials.

NH 2 NH 1

Sabiha Imran

Sabiha is an artist and creative consultant in multiple facets of the Arts and Interior Design. She held a major solo exhibition in 2013 opened by the Assistant Curator of the ROM. More recently, Sabiha was an exhibitor at the prestigious Toronto Art Expo 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, one of Canada’s.

Sabiha’s work has been exhibited at the Senate, prestigious Roy Thomson Hall, the Royal Ontario Museum and the Living Arts Centre. She’s a member of the Mississauga Arts Council, the Visual Arts Mississauga, and the Canadian Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Engravers is part of the ground breaking first Canadian Needlework Art project, ‘The Quilt of Belonging’, which is now part of the Canadian curriculum and has been exhibited across Canada, being on permanent display at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

SI 2 SI 1

Wahab Jaffer

Wahab Jaffer is one of Pakistan’s premier artists. He has been a staple of the art scene since the 1970s, having been a colleague of Ahmed Pervez, Ali Imam and Gulgee. Wahab’s paintings are bright, colorful and attempt to create vibrant compositions of faces and still lifes.

Wahab Jaffer has had numerous solo exhibitions all over Pakistan, most recently at the Tanzara Gallery in Islamabad. His work has been exhibited in India, UK, Canada and many other countries of the world. His works are sought after by collectors all over the world.

WJ 2 WJ 1

The event showcased many aspects of Islamic culture including a most soulful display by the whirling Derveshes.

Whirling Dervesh 4 Whirling Dervesh 3 Whirling dervesh 2

The CPBC EXHIBITION was a great and resounding success, attracting hundreds of visitors with everyone keenly inquiring about the artists and their work.