Members and Friends of the Canada Pakistan Business Council had the treat of a lifetime to hear Dr. Naweed Syed (FRCP Edin.) Scientific Director, Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Cummings School of Medicine University of Calgary talk about his mind-blowing  discovery having tested how the brain cells can communicate via a silicon chip.

Dr. Naweed, the most humble, down to earth human being presented his discovery in layman’s terms to meticulously explain the revolutionary changes this discovery will bring to the world and how it will effect our lives.

Dr. Naweed Syed and his team were the first to create a true bionic hybrid where brain cells were directly interfaced with the electronic, semi-conductor chips. Here, for the first time ever, a brain cell “talked to a computer chip and the chip talked back”. This breakthrough sets the stage for creating more sensitive semi-conductor chips, contact imaging chips, patchclamp chips and now the whole brain slice recordings – all of which that his team has pioneered. He will demonstrate the utility and practical applications of such disruptive technologies that will change the way that our brain and its function is studied: from neurons to networks to behavior. This approach will enable fundamental understandings of normal brain development as well as developmental (such as the Autism Spectrum) and neuro-degenerative (Parkinson, Alzheimer’s) disorders. His technology also offers a tremendous potential for future brain controlled machines and robots, drones, cars, planes etc.

Earlier Samir Dossal, President CPBC updated the audience of the various  successful activities held in 2016 including a Trade Delegation to Pakistan in November. Various focused meetings are in the planning and the CPBC Gala is scheduled for May 2017.

In spite of a prior commitment Co-Chair Canada Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group, MP Salma Zahid graced the occasion and endorsed and extended her support.

Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, our eloquent Member of Provincial Parliament was in attendance and extended greeting from the Premier of Ontario, Hon. Kathleen Wynne and her caucus.


Included in the session was a short Presentation on the concept and creation of  MAPLE MORNING, a documentary on Pakistani Diaspora by Artist Fahim Ali.


The program included an American brand ambassador for Pakistan Cynthia Ritchie,  painting a true picture of Pakistan contrary to the image that media portrays. Her inspiring documentary – Emerging Face of Pakistan, was highly appreciated. She has other plans in the making.

Thanks to Zain Dossal and CPBC NEXGEN for emceeing and facilitating the event

Thank you to the presenters but a special thanks to all who on a very short notice came out on a Sunday afternoon to be a part of this most inspiring session.